Do you regularly contribute money to charitable causes? If so, you’re in good company: 82% of REALTORS® donate money yearly. Nationally, 56.6% of Americans donate money to charity.

In addition, four-fifths of NAR’s members reported that being involved in their community is an important part of their business plan. In terms of volunteering, 85% of AEs and MLS staff volunteer on a monthly basis for a median amount of 10 hours. And 77% of broker-owners volunteered on a monthly basis for a median amount of 10 hours, while 66% of general members volunteer monthly for a median of 8 hours. About 6% of Americans volunteer regularly. 

This research comes from NAR’s Community Aid and Real Estate Report, which outlines monetary and volunteer contributions that general members of NAR, broker-owners, and association executives of MLSs provide in their communities.