Thank you, REALTORS®. Your dedication to electing pro-real estate candidates showed in the March 3 primary elections: 96% of REALTOR®-supported candidates—from both political parties—either won their contested primaries or are heading to a primary runoff election.

Several primary races will be determined in runoff elections on May 26, with early voting May 18-22.

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By the Numbers

  • The National Association of REALTORS®, Texas REALTORS®, the REALTOR® Political Action Committee, and TREPAC/Texas Association of REALTORS® Political Action Committee took positions in 56 state and federal races in Texas—28 Republicans and 28 Democrats.
  • Of those 56 races, the candidates in 54 races (96%) either won outright or are heading to a runoff.

Here’s a rundown of primary election highlights:

U.S. Senate and Congress

At the federal level, NAR supported candidates in one U.S. Senate race—John Cornyn won in the Republican primary—and 19 congressional races through the REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC).

Eighteen of 19 REALTOR®-supported congressional candidates were successful in their primaries:

  • CD 1 Louie Gohmert-R
  • CD 5 Lance Gooden-R
  • CD 8 Kevin Brady-R
  • CD 9 Al Green-D
  • CD 12 Kay Granger-R
  • CD 14 Randy Weber-R
  • CD 18 Sheila Jackson Lee-D
  • CD 19 Jodey Arrington-R
  • CD 20 Joaquin Castro-D
  • CD 25 Roger Williams-R
  • CD 26 Michael Burgess-R
  • CD 28 Henry Cuellar-D
  • CD 30 Eddie Bernice Johnson-D
  • CD 31 John Carter-R
  • CD 33 Marc Veasey-D
  • CD 34 Filemon Vela-D
  • CD 35 Lloyd Doggett-D
  • CD 36 Brian Babin-R

And in CD 13, REALTOR®-supported candidate Josh Winegarner is heading to a runoff.

Statewide Races

TREPAC engaged in one statewide race—incumbent Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton was not successful in the primary.

Texas House and Senate

Overall, REALTOR®-supported candidates had strong results in state House and Senate races.

TREPAC backed candidates in 35 state legislative races—two Senate seats and 33 House seats.

In Texas Senate races, one candidate won outright and one went to a runoff:

  • SD 13 Borris Miles-D (won)
  • SD 27 Eddie Lucio Jr.-D (runoff)

In Texas House races, 28 candidates won outright, four are moving on to runoffs, and one lost:

  • HD 2 Dan Flynn-R (runoff)
  • HD 9 Chris Paddie-R (win)
  • HD 10 Jake Ellzey-R (win)
  • HD 27 Ron Reynolds-D (win)
  • HD 28 Gary Gates-R (win)
  • HD 30 Geanie Morrison-R (win)
  • HD 36 Sergio Munoz Jr.-D (win)
  • HD 37 Alex Dominguez-D (win)
  • HD 38 Eddie Lucio III-D (win)
  • HD 41 R.D. “Bobby” Guerra-D (win)
  • HD 51 Eddie Rodriguez-D (win)
  • HD 59 J.D. Sheffield-R (runoff)
  • HD 60 Glenn Rogers-R (runoff)
  • HD 72 Drew Darby-R (win)
  • HD 74 Eddie Morales-D (win)
  • HD 76 Claudia Ordaz Perez-D (win)
  • HD 80 Tracy King-D (win)
  • HD 85 Phil Stephenson-R (win)
  • HD 92 Jim Griffin-R (loss)
  • HD 102 Linda Koop-R (win)
  • HD 106 Jared Patterson-R (win)
  • HD 109 Carl Sherman Sr.-D (win)
  • HD 116 Trey Martinez Fischer-D (win)
  • HD 127 Dan Huberty-R (win)
  • HD 128 Briscoe Cain-R (win)
  • HD 129 Dennis Paul-R (win)
  • HD 131 Alma Allen-D (win)
  • HD 139 Jarvis Johnson-D (win)
  • HD 141 Senfronia Thompson-D (win)
  • HD 142 Harold Dutton Jr.-D (runoff)
  • HD 146 Shawn Thierry-D (win)
  • HD 147 Garnet Coleman-D (win)
  • HD 148 Anna Eastman-D (runoff)

Golden Opportunities

Opportunity races are a collaborative effort for select campaigns between Texas REALTORS® and local associations to encourage local REALTORS® to vote for supported candidates.

During the primaries, REALTORS® engaged in nine opportunity races, winning outright in seven races and two races going to the May 26 runoffs.

State-level Opportunity Race Wins:

  • HD 30 Geanie Morrison-R
  • HD 32 Eddie Lucio III-D
  • HD 72 Drew Darby-R
  • HD 76 Claudia Ordaz Perez-D
  • HD 106 Jared Patterson-R

State-level Opportunity Race Runoffs:

  • SD 25 – Eddie Lucio Jr.-D
  • HD 2 – Dan Flynn-R

Federal Opportunity Race Wins:

NAR also engaged in opportunity races for Kay Granger, R in CD 12, and Henry Cuellar, D in CD 28, winning both races.

On to November

Look for more information soon from Texas REALTORS® about the May primary runoff elections and the November general election.