Want to know what lies ahead for real estate? Read the Texas REALTOR® magazine article that features four experts discussing what to expect in the future and how to leverage your marketing, strategy, and technology to achieve more success. Here’s a taste:

John Baen, Professor of Real Estate, University of North Texas

“I’m so excited about Texas in the next 10 years. I’m so excited about real estate investments. Texas is now what California was in 1955. We are going to double the population within 15 years … all the people that are coming from California, New Jersey, New York, and Florida … and REALTORS® need to be ambassadors for Texas; be excited that they’re coming.”

Marilyn Wilson, Principal, The WAV Group

“You can’t just get leads from Zillow or realtor.com and watch them turn into dollar bills. It doesn’t happen like that. It takes work to move somebody from prospect to client. Leveraging technology like client-relationship management software can make that process easier.”

Rich Levin, Founder & CEO, Real Estate Grad School3

“If you’re not building through your sphere of influence, other agents who are building their teams and reputation bigger than yours will get potential clients who might’ve come to you.”

Nobu Hata, Director of Member Engagement, National Association of REALTORS®

“REALTORS® and brokerages need to shift from generating leads to nurturing those leads. They need to build trust and rapport online to get in front of people offline.”

Read the full article in Texas REALTOR® magazine.