Quiz: Is a Real Estate License Required?

Test how familiar you are with the Texas Real Estate Commission’s rules for real estate licensing in Texas.

  1. True or False? An attorney licensed in Texas does not need a real estate license to act as a real estate broker in Texas.
  2. True or False? Selling or leasing mineral or mining interests in Texas does not require a real estate license.
  3. True or False? You can receive money for referrals made when your license is inactive.
  4. True or False? Your unlicensed assistant can unlock the door for a potential buyer if you’re not there.
  5. True or False? A real estate license is required to call an auction involving real property.

Answers to Quiz

  1. True. A licensed attorney in Texas can do everything a broker can do except sponsor agents, act as the designated broker for a business entity, or participate in commission splits.
  2. True.
  3. False.
  4. False.
  5. False. A licensed auctioneer is not required to have a real estate license to call an auction for real property in Texas, but the auctioneer may not act as a broker or sales agent, such as by preparing a written agreement for the transaction.