The TREC Legal II course required to renew your license no longer satisfies the NAR requirement for REALTOR® Code of Ethics training. That change was made by NAR in 2019, and the deadline for you to satisfy the ethics requirement will be here before you know it.

All REALTORS® in Texas must complete separate ethics training every three years. The current deadline by which you must take the training is December 31, 2021.

Answer these questions to help you understand the new requirement.

    1. True or false? If you completed TREC Legal II in 2020, you have satisfied the NAR requirement for the December 31, 2021 deadline.

    2. Which of these courses satisfy the NAR requirement?
      1. The NAR C2EX endorsement
      2. Ethics training offered by Texas REALTORS® at
      3. NAR official Code of Ethics training
      4. All of the above
    3. Jackie completed TREC Legal II in 2019. How does this affect her NAR requirement?
      1. It satisfies the NAR requirement.
      2. It does not satisfy the NAR requirement.
      3. It partially satisfies the NAR requirement.

    4. True or false? You can find out if you’ve satisfied your ethics training requirement at

    5. What is the deadline for all REALTORS® to complete the NAR ethics requirement?
      1. January 1, 2021
      2. July 4, 2021
      3. December 31, 2021
      4. January 3, 2022
1. False. TREC Legal II stopped satisfying the NAR requirement in 2019.
2. d. Also, Code of Ethics courses offered through local associations and ethics courses from The CE Shop in partnership with Texas REALTORS® satisfy the requirement.
3. a. Completing TREC Legal II in 2019 satisfies the NAR requirement for the December 31, 2021 deadline.
4. True.
5. c.