If you need more proof that in-person conversations are more powerful than a written message, here it is: how you communicate matters when you and other parties disagree.

A recent study found those who expressed an opposing opinion via video or audio were viewed as more thoughtful, sophisticated, and rational than those who expressed their opinion via writing.

“Our findings show that even when the content is the same, the medium through which it is expressed can affect evaluations of the communicator,” says lead researcher Juliana Schroeder of the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. “It is possible that variance in communicators’ natural cues in their voices, such as tone, can convey their thoughtfulness.”

Real estate is a relationship business, so it’s likely you already excel in being personable and trustworthy. Remember this the next time you need to be persuasive or negotiate. Take the time to set up an in-person meeting, video chat, or phone call instead of sending a quick text or email. Although these types of communications can be time-intensive to set it up and attend, you’ll likely find a more receptive audience who will hear just how intelligent and warm you are.