Real estate markets are very competitive in many parts of Texas. As a buyer, how do you differentiate your offer from others that a seller receives?

Show How Serious You Are

If sellers are asking for 1% of the sales price as earnest money, you could offer more. The extra deposit shows sellers that you’re committed to purchasing their property.

Don’t Ask For Too Many Extras

How many contingencies does your offer include? Financing? Selling your current home? While you might not be able to eliminate all contingencies, consider limiting the ones you ask for.

Be Prepared

Sellers may value the opportunity to close expeditiously. There are several steps you’ll have to take before closing, so be prepared to move quickly to complete steps like the inspection and appraisal. Having a sense for your timeline and which ancillary service providers you’ll work with will make the closing process smoother and more efficient.

These are only a few ways to present your best offer. Your REALTOR® can give you more ideas that work best for your market.