Developing new marketing content takes time. However, there are ways to leverage what you have already created to gain more interest and engagement. Instead of letting your marketing efforts disappear into the archives, try these four ways to repurpose your content:

Script It

Turn your short blog posts into scripts for videos, Instagram Stories, or podcast episodes. If it is a longer post, break up the information and publish it as a series. You can also use the information for presentations or webinars.

Recap Your Videos

Transcribe or summarize your videos into blog entries. If your video gives tips or tricks, put the top suggestions in an email then link to the full video. Another tip is converting the video into an audio file for a podcast.

Share Your Accolades

Testimonials make great social media posts. Take a screen capture or utilize a free graphics tool like Canva to create images of your reviews.

Refresh Images

There is nothing wrong with repeating the same photo on your social channels, but switching up the copy or captions will keep it impactful. Other ways to keep images fresh are applying different filters or using an app to turn them into an animated gif.

By putting a new spin on the content you have already created, you have the opportunity to generate more traction and reach more potential customers.