Successfully convert prospects into clients by employing these three skills during meetings.

Find a Personal Connection

Before any meeting, research your prospective clients. Quick searches on Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn should help you find a connection or angle that’s specific to them. Do you have a professional or personal link or shared interests or experiences? A little background information helps you go into the meeting with a few ways to ease into friendly chat and build an immediate bond.

Craft a Narrative

Unless your prospective client is someone who loves data, a presentation centered only on market statistics, comparative price analyses, and other housing data may be outside of his or her comfort zone. Instead, translate the point behind your data and analysis into a story to which your prospect can relate. Come prepared with anecdotes and examples to support each of your key takeaways.

Be an Active Listener

Active listening is the practice of focusing your attention on the speaker and understanding what is being said instead of focusing on what you will say next. In a meeting, prospective clients are giving you information about how to best serve their needs—insights you’ll need if you represent them. Don’t feel like you have to have an immediate response. It’s just as important that you ask follow-up questions or reflect for a moment before replying.