Multiple-offer situations are going to happen in high-demand, limited supply markets. Most of the time, the highest bidder wins. But not always.

Share with your clients these tactics, based on an article from

Grow the Escrow

“Committing more money will show the sellers that you’re serious about buying the property,” the article states.

Pay in Cash or Get Pre-Approved

Sellers like simple transactions without surprises. They may favor these buyers over more complex financial arrangements.

No Changes Needed

Buying as is increases the seller’s profit and is a compelling offer.

Don’t Assume Confidentiality

Your client’s offer won’t be confidential unless you work out a confidentiality agreement with the seller. While real estate laws bar sellers from sharing your offer with only one other buyer, they can share your offer with everyone else to rustle up better offers. Conversely, if your client learns about an offer, they can know that everyone else knows about it, too.