The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) online agent directory, which can protect you from claims of copyright infringement, was rolled out in December 2016. Online service providers, like you, had until the end of 2017 to transition from the paper registration to the online one. If you took care of your online registration early in the roll-out, your three-year registration needs to be renewed soon.

Renew your registration by logging in to your account at the U.S. Copyright Office’s website

What This Is About

Do you have an IDX feed on your website or allow public comments on your blog? These are just some of the ways having a website could put you at risk for copyright infringement, even if you don’t have control over what’s posted or submitted. However, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act has a safe harbor provision that can protect you. The provision applies to content on your website that you don’t control but that infringes someone else’s copyright. As long as you comply with the safe harbor’s requirements, you are protected from liability for copyright infringement.

Download the free model policy for members with information about the DMCA to help you comply with the safe harbor.