You introduce yourself and your business to potential clients with your branding. (If you don’t have a branding strategy, see these tips.) But branding is not a one-time-only event. You must periodically evaluate your branding to see whether it’s time for a refresh. Here are ways to know if it’s time for a refresh.

The Design Is Outdated

This reason is the most obvious one. Without updating, your brand can look stale.  If your brand never gets a refresh, logos can begin to look outdated and color schemes can go out of style. It could be as small as a new logo or as large as new fonts, logo, color palette, and brand guidelines.   

Your Business Changed

Does your brand messaging match the services you offer and who you are? If you branding launched when you were primarily a buyer’s agent  but you’ve since focused on property management, that requires a hard look at your brand. It’s essential that potential clients understand where you business is now.

You’re Inconsistent

Your brand suffers when it’s not applied consistently. It’s easy to revamp your website, emails, and other digital assets; however, redoing business cards, brochures, and print materials is harder. If you’ve struggled to maintain a uniform presence across your marketing, a refresh can  give you a do over.

You Aren’t Growing

Your business has been growing steadily for several year, but things have slowed during recent quarters. Maybe competition is heating up in your market or your branding is too similar to that of another firm in the area. Show how you are different from other businesses with a brand refresh that makes you stand out. 

Branding is one of the ongoing activities that make your marketing successful. Be sure you pay attention to it so that it can drive business