What you say in front of clients or a larger audience is only part of how you communicate. Nonverbal cues that you use can strengthen your message, as well. 

Body language expert Carole Railton analyzed 10 of the most popular TED Talks to see what nonverbal cues those speakers use to be more persuasive and engaging. Here are the top five cues that she identified: 

  1. Gesture toward your audience. This confident gesture helps to guide and involve your audience.
  2. Touch your heart. This gesture conveys a speaker’s earnestness. 
  3. Raise your hands above waist level. This gesture puts your hands in a good place for other gestures and signals confidence.
  4. Lean toward the audience. This position shows an eagerness to speak to the audience. 
  5. Maintain a symmetrical stance. A balanced stance conveys a balanced, confident speaker. 

See her full report on each of the gestures as well as the popular speakers who employ these tactics