Issues such as late or missed rent payments, property damage, fraud, and high turnover can be costly to a landlord. Help your clients find the right tenant by suggesting TransUnion’s SmartMove, an online system that provides leasing recommendations for prospective renters.

All members of Texas REALTORS® are eligible for $10 off one screening each month. Visit the SmartMove portal and use the discount code TXREALTORS22 to save.

Check out SmartMove, a quick and safe tenant screening solution for your clients.

Note: SmartMove uses Social Security numbers to verify applicants’ identity and collect relevant information. Use of this service with applicants who do not have Social Security numbers can lead to accusations of discrimination due to the applicants’ inability to participate in the SmartMove vetting process—they would be denied housing. You should communicate with applicants to ensure that those who do not have Social Security numbers are vetted in other ways.