Zelda Cain, an instructor and broker with A2Z Real Estate Consultants in Houston, is passionate about fair housing. In an interview with Texas REALTOR® magazine, she shared her advice on how REALTORS® can ensure fair housing becomes a reality for Texans. Here is one of her suggestions. Read the full interview with Cain here.

Texas REALTOR® magazine: How can REALTORS® best inform their clients—buyers, sellers, and renters—about fair housing and what it means?

Zelda Cain: Fair housing laws, tips, and examples should be a part of our normal dialogue with clients. We need to have these discussions during initial consultations with clients. Set expectations and inform clients about proper practices. Then, you can handle issues as they arise.

My office has a systematic approach. At the initial meeting with a client, I explain that we have incorporated the One America Principles and Fair Housing Declaration as a part of our daily operations and overall business plan. Our clients are asked to sign copies of both documents at the time we initiate our relationship.

REALTORS® also should call out violations and actions that looks suspicious. Stop ignoring these behaviors in favor of the almighty dollar.