Although sometimes you can minimize your contact with those you don’t get along with, it may be unavoidable. Whether you’re dealing with a party in a transaction, a new agent in your brokerage, or even your own client, try these strategies to make things smoother.

Start with yourself. Much of how you react to difficult situations affects the outcome—and your reaction isn’t always correct. Ask yourself if there are ways you should modify your reactions to make your experience less unpleasant.

Now, think about the other person. This strategy takes some level of empathy, which doesn’t necessarily come naturally. Maybe the person you don’t like really is terrible, or maybe her father is ill and she’s preoccupied. Changing your perspective about some of the other person’s actions can make it a little easier to get through your interactions together.

Try honesty. Vulnerability can be a powerful tool in resolving conflict. If it’s with a client, you could say, “I get the sense that I’m not meeting your expectations. Are there some ways we can work better together?” If it’s with another party to your transaction, you could say, “I think we both have the same goal to close this deal. How we can work together more effectively to meet that goal?”

If all else fails … You might have to cut ties if the situation is truly toxic. If that’s the case, you may ask others to take over your role. For instance, enlist the help of another agent whose personality is a better fit with the other party. And if it’s your client, you may have to end your relationship.

Overall, try to stay positive in your thinking and your actions while you weather a rough relationship.