Some buyer clients may change their minds and decide they’re not ready to buy a home. Just because they are pausing their home search doesn’t mean you will lose them as clients.

What you do in the weeks ahead could make the difference between closing a deal six months from now and forfeiting the time you’ve already invested. Here are some ways to keep them engaged. 

Stay on Their Radar

Ask them to follow you on social media. You will stay in their feeds, and your name will stay top-of-mind. They will see the success stories and useful information you post. It will help build your trust and credibility.

Ask Their Preferences

The hard sell can be off-putting. Ask if it’s OK to contact them with content relevant to their searches.

Send Curated Searches

Unless they tell you to stop contacting them, they may still be casually house hunting. If they were looking for a 3-bedroom/2-bathroom house in a certain neighborhood and one becomes available, send it to them. Pass along only relevant information and area updates.

Address the Cause

What’s their reason for stopping? Are there resources or programs you can send to them to help address this? For example, if financing was an issue, share information about federal loan programs.

Check In Personally

Send a no-pressure email or text message to ask the clients how they are doing. Touch base on birthdays or anniversaries—any significant date that came up during the first search process. Making a personal connection will show you are invested in them.

Circle Back

If several months go by, message them and ask where they are in the buying process. Would they like to adjust what they’re searching for? Are they considering a new area? You should be able to tell if they are still interested or have truly left the market. If they’ve stopped responding to your messages, it may be time to walk away.