Here are five strategies to make virtual open houses successful.

Choose Your Format

You can host a live open house on social media sites or video conference platforms, such as Google Hangouts or Zoom. A live event allows you to engage with buyers, making it closer to an in-person open house. However, if you’re uncomfortable in front of the camera, you might prefer a video recorded ahead of time. Prerecorded videos give you more control. Your end result will likely be more polished, and it may enable you to better highlight certain home amenities. You can post these prerecorded videos on social media.

Assess Your Equipment

Most modern smartphones capture acceptable video; however, if your phone is outdated, consider upgrading or using a camera. Consider how to best light the stops on your tour and where you will stand. If you’re prerecording the open house, you could use a tripod, arrange lighting, and relocate the setup as you move around the property.

Promote It

How do you usually promote your open house? Employ the same techniques—digital marketing, emails, signs at the property—to encourage buyers to join you on a specified date and time. 


No matter which method you choose, live or prerecorded, you must prepare. Plan your route, providing plenty of details. Create a map with stops and notes at each stop. Also, if you’re doing a live open house, decide when you’re going to pause and respond to viewers’ comments or questions. Make sure you rehearse with at least one test run. 

Be Yourself

An online open house doesn’t have to be stiff and impersonal. Have fun and let your personality shine through.