How do you improve your team’s success? Here is how you can help your team gain a step up on the competition and stand above the rest.

Identify the Value Proposition

A value proposition answers the question of why REALTORS® should choose and want to work for you. It is a clear message communicated to your team about the value you bring to them and how you can help them succeed. When cultivating your value proposition, consider your leadership style, the office culture, and how you want your team to communicate amongst themselves and clients.

Developing a strong, coherent value proposition is essential to assembling the best team. Consider these questions when creating your value proposition:

  • Why should an agent want to join my team?
  • What do I bring to the table?
  • How do I stand out from other REALTORS®?
  • How can my business gain the competitive edge?

Set Up Your Team for Success

Once you have formed your team of agents, ensure they understand their value. Develop a culture of development and growth through effective workshops. Work with them on lead generation, closing deals, and increasing their income. Skill development of your team increases the success of them and your business. An effective culture of growth proves to your team the value you offer and your commitment to success as their leader.

Remember that development and growth of your team is not a one-time thing. Allow continuous training and classes for your agents to take and advance in. Provide options to your team to learn and sharpen their skills based on the stage of their real estate career. A commitment to excellence for your team will keep your agents loyal to your business and increase your business’ level of success.