Many companies develop “personas” and “customer journeys” to connect with and provide better service to their customers. Luckily, you can do that without complex marketing strategies. Here are simple ways to make memorable connections with clients.

Be observant of the less obvious

Most people expect that you’ll learn their kids’ names, whether they have pets, and their least-favorite paint color. If you notice your clients admire a succulent garden, ask about it later. Or if their dog’s favorite toy is hanging on by a thread, give him a new one. Small gestures like these show you’re paying attention.

Don’t make assumptions

It’s great to anticipate your clients’ needs, but sometimes you need to dig deeper. A buyer who hates mowing may make you think you should avoid showing properties with big yards, but a few questions may reveal he’s OK with a big yard—if it’s maintained by the homeowners association’s landscaping service.

Really communicate

Maybe you and your clients are happy texting each other, but the agent on the other side of your transaction loves phone calls. You may hate chatting on the phone, but you’re not serving your clients if you screen that agent’s calls. Adapt to different communication styles, because being responsive is always in the best interest of your clients.

Try transparency

Transparency can take many forms, like providing daily updates on a transaction even if nothing is happening or being honest that your clients’ expectations aren’t attainable. However it occurs, transparency can strengthen your clients’ trust in you.

Ask for (and accept) feedback

Don’t wait until the transaction has closed to solicit feedback about your work. Since providing and receiving feedback can be a delicate process, determine whether your clients are more comfortable sharing it verbally or through text or email. View their feedback as your clearer path toward giving them exceptional customer service.