Many ethics complaints filed against REALTORS® in Texas get resolved without going through the formal hearing process. Instead, complainants can take advantage of the Texas REALTORS® Ombudsman Program, an option that relies on an impartial member of the Texas REALTORS® Professional Standards Committee to help the parties resolve the complaint through constructive communication. The ombudsman does not determine whether an ethics violation occurred or who should prevail in a commission dispute. Instead, the ombudsman identifies and attempts to resolve misunderstandings and disagreements without a formal charge of unethical conduct or a request to arbitrate a commission dispute.

Ombudsmen can help resolve issues related to transactional, technical, and procedural issues; a lack of communication; potential violations of Code of Ethics; and monetary disputes.

The Texas REALTORS® Ombudsman Program is voluntary and confidential. Approximately 50% of cases submitted to the program are successfully resolved, usually in a much shorter time frame than the typical six months required for a formal ethics complaint.

Learn more about the Ombudsman Program by contacting the Texas REALTORS® Professional Standards Department or by visiting the Legal & Ethics section of