You’re always looking for new ways to find leads. Whether you appeal directly to new clients or focus on maintaining relationships with past clients, here are ways to build those connections.

Share Consumer Content from Texas REALTORS®

Use the Share This section at the back of every Texas REALTOR® magazine and posts from the consumer-focused Current Topics blog. These resources are perfect to share with prospects and clients to educate them about real estate topics such as HOAs or mortgage loans.

Create a YouTube Channel

Use this platform to share tips and information with your community—and maybe do quick walk-throughs of listings if you have permission. YouTube is a good way to interact with people because it allows you to showcase your personality and professionalism in a way that helps your audience connect to you on a personal level.

Start a Podcast

Podcasts, like the current housing market, are booming right now and offer a great platform for you to discuss real estate topics. Like YouTube, podcasts can have a personal element that allows the audience to get to know you better.

Hold Seminars and Webinars

Having real estate-focused information sessions can help you gain clients and educate current ones on your areas of expertise. These events allow you to teach customers or potential customers and offer them answers to any questions they may have on the topic. Seminars and webinars can be a face-to-face interaction that facilitates a personal connection in real time.