Real estate buyers can submit offers for any amount, often with conditions that make their offer more or less attractive to sellers. So how do you determine the price and conditions that work for you and can you the property?

Start With a Professional

The best way to present a strong offer is to work with a REALTOR®. He or she will use market knowledge and experience to help you arrive at the best offer for a property.

Learn the Comps

Your REALTOR® will review the prices of comparable properties nearby that have sold recently. He or she will look for homes in the same area that have features similar to the property you’re considering. These features can include square footage, number of bedrooms, and age of the property.

Watch the Market

If you’re in an area where properties are under contract soon after listing—a matter of hours, in some cases—your REALTOR® will have advice for being ready to take action. This can mean offering more than the asking price or negotiating other items in the contract that make your offer attractive … something you definitely can’t do at the grocery store.

If you’re buying a home and aren’t working with a REALTOR®, find one at