Negligence, rebate, referral, earnest money, and other sales issues were the highest types of complaint allegations the Texas Real Estate Commission received from September 2018 to September 2019. Among the 1,696 total allegations, other top categories are licensure issues, leasing/property management issues, and breach of fiduciary duties. TREC publishes complaint totals each month. Find the latest information on active license holders and complaints on TREC's website.

Top Complaints by Category

Sales-Other 28.48%

Includes negligence, rebate, referral, earnest money, and more not related to leasing/property management-other.

Licensure Issues 19.16%

Includes criminal background check, denials, and probationary license.

Leasing/Property Management-Other 11.5%

Includes negligence, referral, and so forth, not related to sales.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty 7.19%

Including false promise.

Fewest Complaints by Category

Improper Contract/Seller Disclosure Form Usage 0.18%

Including false promise.

Sales Misappropriation 0.24%

Other than leasing/property management-misappropriation.

Intermediary/IABS 1.53%