Texas REALTORS® are receiving requests from Trulia to provide sold data. If you’ve received such a request from Trulia or any party other than your local MLS to report or submit sale price information, keep the following in mind:

Authorization. You need authorization from your client to report sale price information to any third party. The Texas REALTORS® Residential Real Estate Listing Agreement, Exclusive Right to Sell authorizes the listing broker to report the sale price information to the MLS if the listing is to be filed with the MLS. However, it does not authorize the sale price information to be reported to any third party.

Fiduciary. When acting as a fiduciary, your primary duty is to represent the interests of your client.

MLS rules. If you did not participate in a transaction, follow your MLS’s rules as to how you can use the sale price data. Of course, agents can use such data to perform broker price opinions.