The visual format of Instagram makes it a perfect place to showcase listings. But you can do more than create brand awareness—the social site is also great for making connections. Instagram’s direct messaging (DM) feature allows you to reach out to followers privately and have conversations beyond the comment section. Here are three DM strategies you can use to engage with potential clients.

Introduce Yourself

The message to new followers can be your elevator pitch but be sure to make it personal. It will be ignored if it is too general or looks automated.

Engage the Engagers

Did people comment or like a listing picture you posted? Since Instagram does not allow a clickable link in a post, send a message asking if they would like more information or a link to view more photos.

Encourage Followers to DM You

Not everyone has their permissions set to receive private messages. In your posts, include a call to action to DM you for additional information.

To send an Instagram DM, click on the arrow icon at the top right to search from your list of followers. Another option is to click on the person’s name from your feed, which will bring you to their page. Then click the Message button.