It starts innocently enough. You buy a new smartphone or tablet, and your older model ends up in a drawer. Fast forward a few years, and the drawer is filled with gadgets that no longer seem relevant.

Instead of adding them to the landfill, here are some ideas to reuse your old tech.


Clear out all the storage and use it for one purpose. There are apps that will transform your smartphone into a universal remote for your TV, an alarm clock, a flashlight, a security camera, a dashcam for your car, or even a webcam for virtual meetings.

Tablets or Laptops

Even if they are slow, you can still squeeze some life out of them. For example, prop up a tablet or laptop in your kitchen with your favorite recipes or create a slide show with pictures of staging ideas for your clients. Other ideas are to convert them into a digital weather station, a family calendar, or a dedicated e-reader.


Use an older computer as a digital filing cabinet to keep all your business contracts and paperwork. You can also utilize it for a retro gaming station for classic games or as a media server to store your music, photos, and videos in one place.

However, if you have more devices than you have uses, you can always donate them to nearby schools or nonprofits. If your tech is past its prime and can no longer hold a charge, check with the tech companies to see if they have a program set up to recycle old gadgets.