Looking for reliable data to help you better understand your market? Want market statistics to share with prospects and clients?

Texas REALTORS® has released MarketViewer data for the month of December as well as Q4 2018 and full-year 2018.

As a Texas REALTOR®, you get exclusive access to this powerful tool with some of the most accurate data available anywhere. View price and sales trends in your county, city, ZIP code, school district, and even many neighborhoods. MarketViewer also gives you insights into apartment stats, new construction data, and mortgage-rate history.

You also can create attractive infographics to share on social media.

Got to MarketViewer now.

New to MarketViewer? Here’s a quick-start guide:

  • Visit texasrealestate.com/marketviewer.
  • Log in with your texasrealestate.com password.
    1. Under Market Selector on the left side of the dashboard, choose your local association from the first dropdown menu.
    2. Choose the market type you want to view from the second dropdown menu.
    3. Choose the individual market from the options in the third dropdown menu.
    4. If you want to view data from previous months, use the Choose Month option. Uncover additional information by placing your cursor over each individual piece of data (on tablets, tap the data).

Find more MarketViewer features by clicking Menu in the top-left corner of the dashboard:

  • Comprehensive market reports
  • Apartment stats
  • New construction data
  • Mortgage rate history
  • Infographic generator.