Start talking directly to potential clients you’ve targeted with Click to Messenger ads on Facebook. Instead of taking users to a website, where they’d have to navigate a landing page or form to contact you, Facebook Messenger ads allow consumers to start a conversation with you immediately through the Messenger app or the chat dialog box on desktop.

Anyone with a business page can use Facebook Messenger ads, and if you’re already running ads on Facebook, it only takes changing a few settings to use this ad format.

When picking a campaign objective, choose “traffic”—or “conversions” if your website is already set up to track events through Facebook—and select “Messenger” when asked where to drive the traffic. Facebook Ads Manager will then walk you through the typical process to create an ad campaign with additional steps to set up the first messages users will see with they contact you.

Make the most of this format by providing a reason for consumers to message you when they see the ad. For example, the ad text could read “Message me now to find out what your house is worth.” With responses coming directly to you through Facebook Messenger, you can reply on the go with a market report for their area, such as one generated by RPR.

You can continue to follow up with consumers who’ve messaged you through Facebook or ask for additional contact information to put them into your lead tracking system.