Before you decide on a property, make sure the location is the right fit for you. Here are some questions to answer with your Texas REALTOR®:

Do you like driving?
You might be able to afford a larger home by adding 20 minutes each way to your daily commute, which can add up to 14 hours behind the wheel every month. Don’t forget the costs of gas and car maintenance. 

What are your favorite activities?
Whether you love shopping, visiting the library, hanging out with friends, or taking your dog to the park, you’re likely to do your favorite activities if they’re within a reasonable distance.

Do you like having neighbors?
Do you enjoy constant interaction with people, or do you like a bit more privacy? Your preference might point you toward a high-rise condo, a ranch, or something in between.

Would you enroll your children in the nearby schools?
If you have school-age kids or plan to, you’ll likely be concerned with available school options. Even if you don’t have kids, schools can affect property values.

Can you put up with that?
Vehicle or air traffic may not bother you. And the same goes for other nearby sensory stimuli. Make sure you know what you can tolerate and what you want to avoid. 

You may also want to assess access to public transportation and other aspects of location. A Texas REALTOR® can help you find a home based on the criteria important to you.