Have you earned multiple designations and you’re not sure how to list them in your email signature or marketing materials? There’s no official way that you must list your designations, and you don’t necessarily need to include them all in every communication. The first designation listed may be the only one people notice, so make sure you’re smart about its placement.
Here are a few ideas to get you started.


If you’ve earned the prestigious Graduate, REALTOR® Institute designation, you can put it before all others to show you’ve had in-depth industry training covering legal issues, professional standards, and sales.

The Specialty Designation

List designations most relevant to your specialty and intended audience. For example, if you specialize in helping seniors, list your SRES first.

You can also create different signatures to use depending on who you are communicating with. If you’re contacting a prospective residential buyer, use the signature that lists your Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR) designation and Certified Residential Specialist (CRS).

The Texas-Specific Certification

Texans love Texas, and they’ll be especially interested to know if you’ve got qualifications that are specific to the state.

The Potpourri Designations

Some designations may be easier to place than others. For those that don’t have a clear spot, try sorting them alphabetically, by the dates you earned them, or the order in which you’d prefer to explain them to prospects and clients.