It takes time to find new leads and build relationships with clients. Don’t let a communication breakdown impact your real estate business. To prevent misunderstandings or unrealistic expectations, avoid making these four communication mistakes:


If your attention is divided, you may miss important nonverbal cues or context. When in a conversation, commit to listening—resist doing another task or thinking of what you want to say next.

Being Indirect

Beating around the bush or being vague can set the wrong expectations. If there are challenges a client needs to be aware of, be transparent and honest upfront.

Going Silent

Did you say that you would follow up but didn’t? Even if you haven’t found the answer or a resolution to the problem, don’t let your client wonder if you have forgotten. Instead, reach out, even if it is a quick email or text, to let them know you are still engaged.


Since it can be easy to misinterpret tone or intent in written communication, get clarification before reacting. Conversely, invite your clients to ask you questions if anything is unclear. When in person, it can be helpful to repeat what you heard to ensure you understood it correctly.

Since every aspect of the buying and selling process requires communication, being more aware of how you communicate will help you create stronger, more successful relationships.