You know how qualified you are to help clients realize their real estate dreams. But don’t assume that current and future clients know that. Here are details you may want to point out.

You Are a REALTOR®

Don’t let people think that a real estate agent and a REALTOR® are the same thing. Explain how, as a REALTOR®, you pledge to uphold a Code of Ethics with higher standards and responsibilities above what is required by law. Let people know that you are part of an organization that is always working to protect property rights and make our communities better places to live.

The Letters After Your Name Mean Something

If you’ve earned designations, don’t assume those acronyms will impress or inform others about your additional expertise. Let prospects and clients know specifics about your designations and how they will translate into better service for them.

You Are a Fiduciary

As a licensed real estate professional, your primary duty is to represent the interests of your client above your own. That knowledge can give prospects more confidence in working with you.

Not All Agents and Brokerages Are the Same

Firms and agents have varying business models, capabilities, fee structures, and strengths—make sure people know what differentiates you and makes you the right choice for them.

You Do More Than People Know

Most people have no idea how much you take care of behind the scenes. While they don’t need a blow-by-blow description, they may appreciate you more if they understand the scope of what you are doing on their behalf.