Are you thinking about running for office? Have you gone a step further and already put your name on the ballot?

Either way, the Texas REALTORS® Candidate Academy is here to help you prepare to run a campaign.

Why You’re an Ideal Officeholder

As a Texas REALTOR®, you already have many of the traits that elected officials need—negotiation expertise, the willingness to make tough decisions, and most importantly, a strong connection with your community.

You’re also used to treating all parties fairly and being placed in a position of trust.

It’s no wonder so many Texas REALTORS® serve in elected offices!

How We Can Help

The Texas REALTORS® Candidate Academy is a day-long introductory course on how to run a modern political campaign. You’ll learn best practices for fundraising, voter outreach, legal compliance, and much more.

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Who Can Attend?

Any Texas REALTOR® is welcome to attend the Texas REALTORS® Candidate Academy. Professionals in real-estate related fields (builders, title, etc.) are also welcome to attend.

The next Candidate Academy is Monday, Feb. 25, at the Texas REALTORS® headquarters in Austin.

Seats are limited and enrollment is offered on a first-come, first-served basis so register now!