Maybe you’ve always wanted to run for office. Maybe you’re just toying with the idea. Or maybe you’re already on the ballot.

Whatever your situation, the Texas REALTOR® Candidate Academy is here to help you prepare to run a campaign.

Why you’ll make a great officeholder
As a Texas REALTOR®, you already have many of the traits that elected officials need—like negotiation expertise, independent thought, and the willingness to make tough decisions.

You’re also used to treating all parties fairly and being placed in a position of trust … not to mention the strong connection you maintain with your community.

It’s no wonder so many Texas REALTORS® serve on elected bodies!

Start here
The Texas REALTOR® Candidate Academy is a day-long introductory course on how to run a modern political campaign. You’ll learn best practices for fundraising, voter outreach, and much more.

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Who can come?
Any Texas REALTOR® is welcome to attend the Texas REALTOR® Candidate Academy. Professionals in real-estate related fields (builders, title, etc.) are also welcome to attend.

The next Candidate Academy is Friday, Aug. 24, in Fort Worth.

Seats are limited and enrollment is offered on a first-come, first-served basis – so register now!