QR codes (quick response codes) are not new; however, there has been a resurgence in usage since the pandemic began. For example, some restaurants utilize scannable codes for replacing physical menus. Other businesses use QR codes as an easy way for customers to find business hours and special offers. With increased familiarity and ease of use, QR codes can be an inexpensive marketing tool to help drive leads to your real estate business.

What are QR codes?

QR codes are pixelated images with encoded information. Most iPhones and Androids will automatically read a QR code using the camera feature. A QR reader app might need to be downloaded for older smartphones or tablets.

How do you create one?

There are several free or low-cost generator tools online, such as QR Tiger (qrcode-tiger.com) or Visualead (visualead.com/qurify2), making it easy to add your URL or message (up to 4,296 characters) into a QR code. In addition, some generators offer more customizable options, such as changing the colors of the QR code to match your branding or adding your logo into the center.

When creating a code, you have two options: static or dynamic. A static QR code is a simple link that cannot be edited or tracked. Dynamic QR codes offer more flexibility. Not only can you change the URL or information after it has been created, but you can also track activity such as the number of scans, timing, location, or device type.

Once created, don’t forget to test a QR code before downloading or copying the image into your marketing materials.

What are ways to use QR codes to capture leads?

Add a QR code on your business cards, yard signs, vehicle graphics, direct mailers, or any of your marketing. You can set up the code so that people who scan it will automatically be directed to the following on their devices:

  • Your website or social media sites
  • A landing page with information on a specific listing
  • Property tour videos or pictures
  • A form to get customers’ contact information for your email list
  • An easy way for people to RSVP or add an event to their calendars.