You have a polished listing presentation, comprehensive data from RPR and MarketViewer, answers ready for common questions, and preliminary details about the property. Pair your preparation with these communications skills to make an impression that stands out and helps you win the listing.

Start Small

Small talk will kick off the meeting on a positive note. Ask about the person’s hobbies or family or recent vacations—or find something in the home to compliment.

Ask Open-Ended Questions

Inquire about the seller’s motivation to sell, what qualities the seller wants most from an agent, what the seller considers the best and worst features of the property, and other topics to help you learn about the seller’s goals.

Listen Attentively

Resist the reflex to think about what to say next while the seller is speaking. Focus on what the seller is telling you. Repeat what you heard from the seller to make sure you’re on the same wavelength. Effective listening skills—easy to understand but hard to implement—help you tailor your responses to what the prospect really wants.

Watch for Cues

Pay attention to body language and tone that don’t match what the seller is saying. Crossed arms or averted eyes could be a signal that you should ask additional questions.

Involve the Seller

Provide the seller opportunities to ask you questions. Before you ask for the listing, find out if there are any items you haven’t covered that the seller thought you would.