Why should prospects hire you instead of the many qualified agents and brokers in your market? Because your personal brand makes them want to work with you.

Your brand is the story you tell to introduce yourself to the world. It builds the trust that leads to that first point of contact. Your brand teaches prospects what to expect when working with you.

It’s a good idea to include a little bit about yourself in your professional marketing. What should you mention? Consider these strategies.

Bios Build Credibility

Prospects want to know your connection to your market. How long have you lived in the area? If you grew up there, that’s a great detail to share. If your family has been there for a few generations, that’s even better. Your deep roots endorse the area. Prospects will assume you have extensive local knowledge. Lived experience counts for a lot.

Some agents include information about their families on their platforms. Sharing a family photo can make you seem more relatable. Weigh the benefits against privacy concerns. Only post what you’re comfortable sharing with total strangers.

Hobbies Show Your Personality

Pastimes make for easy conversation starters. They can also teach clients about you. For example, building ships in bottles could show off your patience, while training for marathons could show your dedication.

Volunteering Demonstrates Engagement

Volunteer experience tells prospects about your generosity and civic involvement. You’re committed to the area. Volunteering also speaks to your character.

Actions Can Be Your Brand, Too

You can market yourself based on what you do often. If you are always on your phone, you can tell clients they can count on a prompt call back. If you’re always driving, you could make that part of your persona. You’re a road warrior. Put your car in your marketing materials or make your car easily recognizable.

Reinforce What You’ve Shared

Just like any other brand, your personal brand needs repetition and reinforcement. Work in terms and references to bolster the association. Post things that back up what you’ve already shared.