You’ve probably seen QR codes—those little square bar codes that you can read with your smartphone. Here are ways this established technology could help your business.

QR codes are basically web links. Many services can create QR codes for free. Your current software and platforms may be able to generate them automatically. You can add them to your signs and marketing materials.

QR codes can direct buyers to your website. From there, you can track what pages they visit, how much time they spent on pages, and other useful data points. Other potential uses include linking to videos of property walk-throughs, social media pages, mailing lists or contact information. 

As with any tool, it’s important to consider your audience if you plan to use QR codes. Even though QR codes are becoming more widespread, they will most likely appeal to a tech-savvy customer base. If that is not the target audience for your property, you might want to consider a different strategy.