Since real estate is a business based on relationships, trust-building is essential for success. Here are five ways to help prospective and current clients feel confident in your abilities.

Be Timely

It won’t go unnoticed if you are late. Show that you value your client’s time by sticking to appointment times and responding quickly to questions, emails, and phone calls. If needed, utilize an app or alarm on your smartphone to stay organized.

Pay Attention to Details

Everyone makes mistakes. However, blatant typos and other grammatical errors in correspondence, marketing copy, and listings can damage your credibility. Besides proofreading, use a grammar app like Grammarly or Hemingway to double-check for anything you may have missed.

Set the Right Expectations

Don’t promise something you might not be able to deliver. Having the wrong expectations is not only disappointing but can lead to unsatisfied clients. Instead, be honest about the market and what can realistically be achieved.

Showcase Your Reputation

Your prior success is a great way to prove that you can do the job. Show off your client testimonials, designations, and other awards. Don’t be shy; you earned them with hard work.

Share Resources

It is impossible to know everything. If there is a neighborhood, form, or process you are unfamiliar with, reach out to your network. Utilize their expertise to provide answers and find solutions for your clients.

Building a solid foundation of trust is a great step toward creating long-lasting relationships and growing your business.