Advertising can increase your business, but there are also many low-cost ways you can make a big impression.

Optimize Your Social Media

A social media presence keeps you in front of lots of people, but simply having a Facebook page or Instagram account is just a starting point. Since prospects are researching you before contacting you, create the kinds of accounts that would motivate them to choose you over another agent. Post consistently, but beware—frequent posts marketing yourself may be a turnoff. Make sure to offer interesting and useful information—and share client success stories and photos with the subjects’ permission.

Social media is also a free way to cultivate and maintain your existing network.

Share Your Knowledge

Showcasing yourself as a knowledgeable professional can introduce you to new audiences. Consider starting a podcast or posting educational videos to YouTube. You could write a short e-book to give to anyone who signs up for your contact list. Offer to be a guest on an established radio program, TV show, or podcast. Serve as an expert source to local news media. Speak to civic groups. Some agents and brokers host free informational sessions on real estate topics, such as first-time homebuyer sessions.

Ask for Referrals

Your strongest advocates are your former clients. Reach out to them and ask for their referral. People generally value the endorsement of a trusted friend or family member, and many clients hire the first agent they find.

Volunteer in Your Community

It’s always good to help your community, and one added benefit may be building goodwill toward you and your business. People who know you through volunteering may be more inclined to hire you. It’s another way of building trust in your brand.

Network, Network, Network

Some of your business may come from fellow REALTORS®. Attend industry functions and meet people. Some certifications and designations have their own referral networks—join them. Refer clients to other REALTORS® when you cannot help them yourself. Join professional groups on social media.

Promote Your Professionalism

Tell your contacts that you are more than a licensed sales agent or broker—you are also a REALTOR®. Explain that REALTORS® adhere to the highest standards set forth in the Code of Ethics. Be an ambassador for your profession—promote how REALTORS® work together to pass local ordinances and state and federal laws favorable to property owners and real estate transactions.