Traditional mentoring pairs more experienced REALTORS® with newer agents, but reverse mentoring makes the newer agent the mentor—you’re the student. Here are five reasons to try it.

Learn technology

Your children might help you understand the latest social media channel or online service, but a younger mentor can show how it relates to your business.

Know what agents want

What makes your agents happy in their jobs? How could they be more productive? Listen to your mentor to learn these answers firsthand.

Build a connection

Spending time with your mentor will help him or her better understand your brokerage and, hopefully, become more invested in the success of the business.

Find your failures

Is your leadership style as effective as you think it is? Solicit feedback on you personally to see where you can improve.

Identify talented agents

This one-on-one time helps you see who has the potential to assume a larger role at your business. For those agents, you can suggest a traditional mentoring relationship to assist their future success.