Photos help draw more interest to your listings. However, if they aren’t taken correctly, they can give a potential buyer the wrong impression. If you hire a professional or do it yourself, consider these four questions when taking photographs for your real estate business.

How is the Lighting?

A dark picture can make a room look old or dingy, while one that is too bright will make it hard to see the details. Even though your camera has an automatic flash, you shouldn’t always rely on it—the harshness could cause unwanted shadows. Instead, test a few combinations with the flash, indoor lighting, and natural light to find the right balance.

Is Anything Distracting?

Before taking the picture, double-check the details. Are the toilet seat lids closed? Are there trash bins or cars in the driveway? Even too many books on a coffee table can make the space look cluttered and less appealing.

Are You Being Misleading?

A wide-angle shot is a great way to showcase confined spaces like bathrooms or small bedrooms. But using too wide of a lens can change the proportions, distort, or misrepresent the size of a room—setting incorrect expectations.

Are You Highlighting the Right Features?

For example, is the photo drawing the eye to a vase of flowers rather than the new flooring? Try changing the composition or different staging to ensure the home’s best assets aren’t overlooked.

Always take more photos than you need to give yourself several options to choose from.