With your Texas REALTORS® dues, you have access to a variety of benefits and resources—all designed to help you succeed in your real estate business. Your benefits range from discounts on products and services, marketing tools, legal answers, education opportunities, legislative and political advocacy, and more. Here are five common questions and answers to help you better understand your member benefits:

Do we still get discounts on certain purchases at Office Depot?

Yes! The ODP Business Solutions Store Discount Program offers up to 55% off online at odpbusiness.com and in-store purchases at Office Depot and Office Max.

Can I get help if I’m having problems with my computer?

With Tech Team One, you can access experienced IT experts to fix technical complications and get your systems back on track. From virus removal, system tune-ups, software installation, and phone support.

What is the Legal Hotline?

The association’s Legal Hotline is one of the most popular member benefits for Texas REALTORS®. You can speak with an attorney to get information about a broad range of real estate topics, including ethical obligations, contracts, and state and federal laws. You can reach the hotline at 800-873-9155, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Central Time excluding holidays.

What is MarketViewer?

MarketViewer is an exclusive real estate market analytics tool brought to you through a partnership between Texas REALTORS® and MLSs across the state. Find vacancy rates, sales, inventory, and more statistics to help your clients make the best decisions.

Are there any new benefits?

Yes! In the last year, Texas REALTORS® has launched three new benefits: Shareables for Hire, amazingly fast background checks; Mylo, expert insurance advisors; and Wise Agent, a simple and affordable real estate CRM. Check out the complete list of benefits.

Do you have a question not answered here? Reach out to Shandra Norman, Member Benefits Manager, to learn more.