Part of the draw of using TikTok to market your real estate business is how creative you can get. The app offers different filters, music clips, and editing tools to help make your content stand out. Check out these additional features available to create a bigger impact on your audience:


Want to explain the staging progress or highlight the backyard of a new listing? A Duet allows you to play two videos simultaneously on a split screen. While one video plays, you can give pointers or your feedback in the other.

Green Screen

To spice up how-to tips or a virtual home tour, use the green screen effect to superimpose a video or photo in the background.

Photo Mode

TikTok recently added the ability to display a single or series of photos in a slideshow. Like with video, you can enhance the images with music. Additionally, content made in photo mode can have up to 2,200 characters in the description.

TikTok Now

Are you in the middle of an open house? Putting up signage for a listing? This new feature is great for giving your audience an inside look into your business. TikTok will send out a daily prompt for you to share a photo or film a 10-second video of what you are doing at that moment.

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