5 Mistakes That Could Put You in Danger

You don’t tell anyone where you’re going. “Headed to a showing at 111 Main St. Should be back in the office by 4.” Send a simple message like this to your broker, spouse, or other trusted person so that if something happens and no one hears from you, they know where to start looking.

You reveal too much personal information. Keep the small talk focused on the potential client you just met, real estate, and other topics unrelated to you. Someone who wants to buy or sell real estate doesn’t need to know where you live, who’s in your family, or where you spend your vacation. This advice applies to social media, too, where you can never be sure who’s seeing your posts.

You leave your phone in the other room. You may think it’s fine to leave your phone in the kitchen while you show a property so you can focus all your attention on your client. But what if you need to call for help, or someone steals it while you’re a few rooms away?

You don’t report suspicious people. Don’t ignore uncomfortable situations because “nothing bad happened.” Reporting suspicious incidents raises awareness and can help prevent future attacks or other crimes.

You think it won’t happen to you. Maybe you work in upscale neighborhoods or conduct all your showings during the day. It doesn’t matter. Criminals work in all neighborhoods at all hours. Be alert and stay safe.