People form opinions about you based on all kinds of cues. If you’re not careful, you may unintentionally create an impression you’d rather not make.

Watch Your 
Social Media Interactions

If you wouldn’t say or show it to every prospect and client, you may not want to put it on Facebook or Twitter. Pointed comments, heated debates, and potentially offensive photos can cause people to rule you out before they ever give you a chance.


Fumbling around never looks good, regardless of whether you use the newest technology or more traditional tools. Make sure you know how to quickly find what you need and share it with the appropriate parties.

Make Your 
Marketing Match

If you personally project an upscale appearance but your marketing materials reflect a downhome style, you’re sending mixed signals.

Don’t Confuse 
Style with Appearance

Clients may not care if you wear jeans and boots. Depending on your locale and specialty, they may even expect it. But there’s a difference between casual and sloppy. The same holds true for your vehicle and personal grooming.

Look at the 
Whole Picture

Broken links on your website, faded signs, misspellings in a property description—seemingly small issues can add up to cast you in a negative light.