You created a team to boost your productivity and income. Here are tips to make your team even more successful.

Find the Strengths and Weaknesses

Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your team members, and put them in positions to succeed. For example, a team member who knows the ins and outs of condo sales might not thrive with ranch listings.

Pick the Right Model

Not every team functions well with the same structure. If you have several inexperienced agents, you can act as a mentor and train them to be successful. If you have a strong brand, you might opt for your team reinforcing that brand. Use your experience and goals to choose a model that fits your situation.

Know Your Why

Why are you in business? What is the purpose of your organization? Understanding your team’s “why” is key to surrounding yourself with purpose-driven team members who will grow your business. You can’t add agents who align with your team unless you know why your team exists.

With the right people in place, a team can lighten your workload and take your business to new heights.