The Alabama Association of REALTORS® and Georgia Association of REALTORS® filed a federal lawsuit seeking to have the court overturn the nationwide eviction ban issued in September by the Trump administration.

The associations allege that the moratorium, which was issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and bans evictions through December 31 for renters making up to $99,000 per year, is unconstitutional. NAR’s Legal Action Committee approved $100,000 to support this lawsuit.

The complaint reads, in part:

“The CDC’s goal of easing the economic impact of COVID-19 is laudable. But in attempting to do so without statutory authorization or following the rulemaking process required by the Administrative Procedure Act, the CDC has unilaterally shifted billions of dollars in economic burdens from one group of Americans, renters, to another, landlords. In many cases, these landlords, including plaintiffs here, are small business owners who have themselves suffered economic losses as a result of the pandemic. The Eviction Moratorium will cause landlords across the country to lose $55-76 billion in unpaid rent—and billions more if the Eviction Moratorium is extended into 2021.”

Read the full complaint.