The form Owner’s Authorization Concerning Unescorted Access to Property (TXR 2223) was created for members of Texas REALTORS® to comply with TREC rules that allow a license holder to permit unescorted access to a prospective tenant in certain circumstances.

The form helps satisfy the TREC requirement for written consent from the owner. TREC rules also call for documentation for whether the owner or broker will be responsible for damage that occurs due to unescorted access. This form specifies that the owner will assume that responsibility.

Note that in keeping with the rule, this form is only intended for use in residential or commercial rental properties–not for properties being listed for sale. Also be aware that an MLS may have rules regarding whether brokers can share keybox access codes with prospective tenants.

Use of this form also helps REALTORS® comply with Standards of Practice 1-16 and 3-9 of the Code of Ethics.